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  • -- Enable bulk screening of comments by a given user; a counter-suggestion to a proposal to enable bulk deletion of comments by a given user, seen as more user-friendly and reversible. Seen as associated with but not identical to the killfile concept.
    • In DW Suggestions.
    • Commenters would like to see the ability to auto-screen comments by a specific person in the future added.
  • Ability to block anonymous comments while allowing open id comments. --Zvi-likes-tv 19:37, 21 January 2009 (UTC) (in Bugzilla! Zilla 90)
  • Ability to comment to a screened comment without unscreening it in the process. In DW Suggestions
  • Ability to note, on the new ban-a-user frontend page, why you are banning someone.
  • Distinction between comment-deleted-by-poster and comment-deleted-by-journal owner.
  • Ability to collapse all comments except for those of users on the subscribe/access/both list(s). Useful for news entries or memes with many pages of comments. In DW Suggestions