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See also: Possible paid community features.

Communities: General

  • -- Fix community renaming. Not sure if this should go in Comms or out to a Renaming wishlist; I know there's been call to simplify several things about renaming (such as making it possible to create a brand new journal with a purged username directly), but not sure if it's big enough to get its own Wishlist. In any case, this suggestion received enthusiastic support.
  • -- Enable anonymous posting in communities. Some types of comms have a particular need/wish for this, others very much do not want it as it has high abuse potential. One counter-suggestion is to just have people create sockpuppets to preserve their anonymity was rejected as leading to namesquatting; even if accounts are deleted, people still have to pay for renames. Another counter-suggestion, to enable masking of a poster's identity, while still associating the post with an account (viewable by the community mods) was regarded more favorably.
  • Posting template for paid comms (suggested by azurelunatic): Like the suggestions template, but available to paid comms to force everyone but someone with maintainer status to go through a template, and to be able to create a template. People could still abuse it, of course, but the maintainers could make very clear where everything was supposed to go. Only on posting not on edit (meant to be helpful, and not enforce the rule)
    • On the other hand, templates could also be optional. There are different kinds of templates a community might want -- intro template, fiction post template, etc, and they might only want to facilitate using them to make it easy, not force every post to use them. --Foxfirefey 06:25, 28 July 2008 (UTC)
  • Allow people who post entries to a moderation queue to edit or delete the entries while they're still in the queue.
  • Ability to choose from among the community's user pictures when posting. This is a very frequently requested option on LJ.
  • Community Importation: the ability to import content from Livejournal communities to Dreamwidth. Main issues: copyright of individual posters vs. desire to import content from existing communities. Possible solution: allow users to import all of their own posts from a Livejournal community into a Dreamwidth community. This would put the burden of effort on the people who wanted to import communities, rather than on DW for making certain every post imported is by someone who allows it. Only current Dreamwidth members could import posts, so the issue with OpenID accounts not being able to post would be non-existent.
Technical feasibility: The importer would need to sort through posts made to a community for those made my the user requesting import. How to determine which posts were made by that user? Can the current importer be expanded to include this functionality?
Other considerations: Access to locked content on the comms by Dreamwidth, storing the username and password for an extended period of time, giving moderators a veto to make sure accidental/trolling importations don't happen. ([info]tea)

Communities: Community Maintenance/Moderation

Also suggested: -- Add a "Manage Communities" quick link to the bottom of the "Pending Membership Requests" page (the page that appears after maintainers approve / reject members) so maintainers can tend to the remaining requests.
  • -- Add "notes" section for maintainers/moderators. This could be achieved several ways: additional fields on /manage/banusers.bml (for each displayed user, show: user, date/time of banning; in comms, show who did banning and allow notes field for); allow private posts to comm which would only be visible to maints/mods?
  • -- controversial; "display proof of age 18+ on profile." Potentially useful for community moderation, but otherwise a potential invasion of privacy; other (legal?) issues? (If a comm is marked 18+, the system will not let someone who isn't 18+ by birthdate join it.)
  • -- Add a link to the requesting user's profile page to Community Membership Request emails sent to Community maintainers, so that they can go directly to the information about that user before choosing approval or rejection. (This is merely a matter of linking the requesting user's username in the email.)
  • A way to add other maintainers without giving them the ability to remove you from maintainership.
  • When rejecting a membership request, be able to send an explanation that will appear in the rejection notice.
  • Ability to make limited changes to someone else's entry in the comm: change security level, turn comments on/off, turn screening on/off, add LJ-cut, etc. Bugzilla #14/#12.
  • Be able to add tags to a moderated entry while approving it.
  • Maintainers can specify a tag that gets automatically added to all new entries.
  • A way for maintainers to sticky post -- much requested!
- Isn't this covered by the ability to make it a future-dated entry? ~Cesy
  - I don't think you can future-date (or DOOO) at all on comms. --Pau Amma
  • On the Edit Profile page, users with email aliases have a dropdown option to display actual email address, alias, or both. I suggest that community maintainers with aliases also have this option for the community's profile.
  • A new class of comm entries: "maintainer-posted" entries that could be edited wiki-style by any maintainer, not just the one who posted it.
  • -- Show "preapprove poster" checkbox for community maintainers only. There seems to be mixed feelings about this, but the general consensus is that it should be consistent, and that moderators should not have a power on one page, and not have it on another.

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