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For general information on editing a wiki, see the MediaWiki manual and this Wiki Reference Card.

There are also some specific features to editing this wiki, such as: source highlighting, linking to LJ and LJ clone users and linking to Gists on GitHub.

Navigating the site

You can search for one or several words in the Search Box.

You can see a list of all pages alphabetically or by popularity.

You can also see a list of all categories alphabetically or by size.

Editing Help

Creating Pages and Categories

To create a page, simply type its name in the Search box. This will link you to a page saying it doesn't exist. There, you'll see the following sentence: "You can create this page." Click on it. Enter text in the box.

To create a category, simply insert a link to this category in a page. Like this: [[Category:category name]]. If this category doesn't already exist, it will be created automatically.

To create a subcategory:

  • first create the subcategory by linking your page to it: [[Category:subcategory name]]
  • then go the new subcategory page: name
  • click on edit and add a link to the category you want it to be a part of: [[Category:category name]]

Formatting Text

italicize text by using <em>: <em>italicized text</em>

bold text by using <strong>: <strong>bold text</strong>

<nowiki> text without wikification</nowiki> will not wikify the text put between the two tags.

Click on 'Enter' twice to start a new line.

Indenting Text

: will create an indent. Add a : sign to increase the indentation. For example:

: First level of indentation
:: Second level of indentation
::: Third level of indentation
:: Second level of indentation again

This is particularly useful in Discussion pages.

Creating Sections in a Page

= Section = will create a section.

== Subsection == will create a subsection.

=== Sub-subsection === will create a sub-subsection.

Etc, etc.

Making Lists

* will create a list with dots. Add a * sign for each sublevel. For example:

  • * Main level
    • ** Sublevel
      • *** Sub-sublevel
    • ** Sublevel again

# will create a numbered list. Add a # sign for each sublevel. For example:

  1. # Main level
    1. ## Sublevel
      1. ### Sub-sublevel
    2. ## Sublevel again

Making Links

Links to a section of the page you're viewing

[[#section name|text]] is an internal link to the section of the page you're editing.

Links to other pages on the Wiki

[[page name|text]]

Links to a category page on the Wiki

[[:Category:category name|text]]

Links to other external pages

[ Google] is an external link to Google.


[[Category:category name]] will link the page to a category. If this category doesn't already exist, it will be created automatically.

Creating Redirects

First, create the page you want to redirect your article to. Then move the content of the old page to the new one. Finally, edit the old page to add the redirect: #REDIRECT [[pagename]] or #redirect [[pagename]]

N.B. Extra text after the #REDIRECT command is ignored but category-tags are not ignored.

Uploading Images

  1. Go to Special:Upload.
  2. Browse to find your file.
  3. Enter the name and extension you want it to have on Wiki in 'Destination filename'. For example: wiki.png
  4. Enter a description in 'Summary'.
  5. Click on 'Upload File".

You can see the list of all uploaded files on Special:Imagelist.

Inserting Images

[[Image:wikiname.png]] will insert an image into a page.

[[Image:wikiname.png|thumb|caption]] will insert a thumbnail with a caption into a page.

Signing Comments on Talk Pages

Three ~~~ give your user name: uw

Four ~~~~ give your user name plus date/time: uw 07:27, 21 October 2006 (EDT)

Source highlighting

You can highlight source by surrounding it with the <syntaxhighlight> tag:

<syntaxhighlight lang="perl">
<syntaxhighlight lang="html4strict">
<syntaxhighlight lang="s2">

Are the three common ones. Further instructions here.

Linking to Gists on Github

You can use the number ID of a Gist to embed it on the wiki using this syntax:


Linking to DW, OpenID, LJ, and LJ clone users

DW Links

LJ Links

IJ Links

JF Links

Generic LJ Clone Links

  • <genuser url="">gj_user</genuser> will make [info]gj_user (
  • <gencomm url="">gj_comm</gencomm> will make [info]gj_comm (
  • <gensyn url="">gj_syn</gensyn> will make [info]gj_syn (

OpenID Links