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This page documents a previous notifications workaround.

The Horrible Hack was a horrible hack (exploiting some unknown little blip in the code, but without harmful effects) which somehow prevented some of the notifications from going through the inbox, until ESN (the "new" notification system) became the only notification handling system sitewide on the 2013-11-24 code push. (LiveJournal's similar updates rendered the horrible hack ineffective somewhat earlier over there.)

[15:24] rahaeli: go to the notifications page 
[15:24] rahaeli: uncheck both "comments in my journal" and "replies to my comments" 
[15:24] rahaeli: save 
[15:24] rahaeli: check ONLY "replies to my comments" 
[15:24] rahaeli: save 
[15:24] rahaeli: both will then be checked 
[15:25] rahaeli: but you should only get replies in email 
[15:25] rahaeli: you'll have to do that every time you change a notification, but it should work on LJ too 
[15:25] LivredOr: seriously? there's a fix for it? 
[15:26] rahaeli: well, it's not so much a fix as a horrible hack 
[15:26] rahaeli: but :)