How to enable CAPTCHAs on your Dreamhack

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  • Open ~/dw/ext/local/etc/ and make sure you have the following code:
    # setup recaptcha
    %RECAPTCHA = (
            public_key  => $DW::PRIVATE::RECAPTCHA{public_key},
            private_key => $DW::PRIVATE::RECAPTCHA{private_key},
    # setup textcaptcha
            api_key => $DW::PRIVATE::TEXTCAPTCHA{api_key},
  • Open ~/dw/ext/local/etc/ and make sure you have the following code within the DW:PRIVATE section:
    %RECAPTCHA = (
        public_key  => "key",
        private_key => "key",
        api_key => "demo",
        timeout => 10,
  • Go to and reCAPTCHA to obtain keys and edit the code to add them. You only need one or the other, not necessarily both.
The 'demo' key for textcaptcha works for testing purposes.
  • Edit CAPTCHA settings as you desire at ~/dw/ext/local/etc/ If that file doesn't exist, copy ~/dw/etc/ there. To turn on CAPTCHA, make sure this bit is uncommented:
    $DISABLED{captcha} = sub {
       my $module = $_[0];
       return 1 if $module eq "recaptcha";
       return 0 if $module eq "textcaptcha";
       return 0;
And set $DEFAULT_CAPTCHA_TYPE = "T"; to T or R as desired.