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  • Get it compiling after some changes merged in from test tool.
  • Userpics
    • Need to fail cleaner if this is missing (like on DJ)
  • Entries Almost done
    • Probably need to scrub a few more things.
 <lj-template name="qotd" id="..." /> for instance
  • Friends
    • I think this is wanted, import them as OpenID?
  • Comments
    • I need to find a proper "insert comment and metadata in the same instant" command, as I don't want a possible instant where someone can see a comment that is supposed to be screened.

Other Ideas

  • [info]exor674 I think one of the things we'd need to add for the import feature is a external-logid logprop, so if somebody tries to import twice you won't get twice of the entries -- AND the systen can know "oh DW entry 1 was originally"
  • "Imported from" tag and link
  • Options: "import tags, tag prefix, tag suffix" "import comments"? "import friend groups, tag prefix, tag suffix" "import all as *security*"

Importing Comments

Supposing comments belonging to others were imported and privately posted, and comments belonging to the user were imported and posted according to their current screening setting in proper threads with the private comments. This would allow a maximum amount of the user's own content to show up.

Supposing also that the comment screening mechanism were modified to handle privately-posted imported comments. This would be done according to the screening settings on the original post: if unscreened on the original, someone OpenID-authenticated as the original comment poster could elect to own and unprivatescreen comments belonging to them.

After this point, the journal owner could screen/unscreen the comment at will.

To make this work better, imported comments should be listed somewhere that the OpenID owner of the comments could find them and possibly mass-unprivatescreen/take ownership.

[Business decision from [info]rahaeli:

If someone is importing their journal directly from another site, by giving us their username and password for that site, import all comments as OpenID comments with the same screening/visibility level that the original comment had.

If someone is importing their journal from downloaded backup file, import all comments as OpenID comments screened, frozen, visible only to the journal owner and the OpenID identity that made the comment, and unable to be unscreened/unfrozen by the journal owner him/herself, only the OpenID identity. That way, the OpenID identity holder can verify that their words haven't been edited offline.

Either way, it would be very very nice if there were a place where an OpenID identity could go and see all their OpenID comments that have been imported and take ownership of them under a specific linked DW account.]

Email templates

These email templates will be sent out when we manage or fail to transfer a journal.

Could not access account

Could not transfer your journal from SERVICE to your account USERNAME on Dreamwidth

We were unable to transfer your journal OTHERNAME from SERVICE to your account USERNAME on Dreamwidth. FAILURE MESSAGE.

We apologize for the problem and hope things can be resolved.


Possible failure messages

  • The username and password you gave us for SERVICE was rejected, so we couldn't download any information.
  • SERVICE does not seem to be LiveJournal-based.
  • SERVICE does not seem to exist. If you are sure the service exists pleae check the service URL you gave us and try again later.

Journal transferred

About your journal transfer from SERVICE to your account USERNAME on Dreamwidth

Congratulations, USERNAME!

Your journal OTHERNAME on SERVICE has been transferred to your account USERNAME on Dreamwidth.

(OPTIONAL ISSUE/NOTIFICATION TEXT INSERTS: Things you might want to look at:)


-- Dreamwidth

Possible issue texts

Icon import
  • Because you have more icons on SERVICE than we can import, we have imported your default icon. You can choose which other icons you wish to import at URL.
  • Unfortunately, SERVICE doesn't support icon importing. You will have to manually upload your icons from this service.
Entries import
  • Some entries couldn't be imported. You can view a list and the reasons at URL.
  • We can't automatically transfer polls. You can view a list of entries with polls so you can manually recreate them at URL.
  • We can't automatically transfer embedded content, such as YouTube videos. You can view a list of those entries containing embedded content and manual re-insert the item at URL.
Comments import
  • Unfortunately, SERVICE doesn't support comment importing, so we won't be able to import your comments.
  • We're not sure why we weren't able to import a comment on POST, but it's missing and so we can't import it or any of its replies.

Ways to enter a service name

(these provided by [info]cheyinka)

  • somejournal can't work
  • SJ can't work
  • username (the ever-popular "didn't read the directions" option) can't work
  • internet explorer / semagic / &c. (probably indistinguishable from 'username' as far as the code's concerned) can't work

From John:

  • on somejournal can't work
  • somejorunal or similar misspellings, though no idea how to fix that. can't work
  • AOL (:D) can't work
  • username at/on somejournal can't work
  • [email protected] WORKS
  • username at somejournal dot com WORKS
  • SJ (where there are two services with the same initials. Perhaps not so much a consideration now, but in the event of super-federation Dreamwidth extreeeme, a possibility) can't work

From Janine:


Output from test tool found here:


Works just fine.


         Cannocalize: OK (
     SessionGenerate: OK
             UserURL: OK (redacted)
            Userpics: FAIL
              Groups: OK
                Tags: OK
                 Bio: OK (downloaded)
           SyncItems: OK
           GetEvents: OK
         CommentMeta: FAIL
         CommentMeta: FAIL Compatible: FAIL

DeadJournal appears to be rejecting my ljsession cookie for some reason.


Seems to be all OKs


All OK.