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Please note that this isn't a definitive list, but a list of possibilities. There are four different kinds of layouts, listed in order of consideration priority:

  1. use only CSS and aren't official LJ styles
  2. use tables and aren't official LJ styles
  3. use only CSS and are official LJ styles
  4. use tables and are official LJ styles

We really want to avoid #4 and concentrate the most on #1. Also keep in mind that these styles will not be just the same as they were on LJ when ported--we are standardizing features and other parts of these layouts. We are focusing on making sure all layouts have needed features more than on making specific layouts you are familiar with on LJ available.

Unique Layouts

These S2 layouts are unique or semi-unique and have been made available to Dreamwidth:

  • Bob
  • Color Play
  • Divified
  • Drifting -- converted, live on site
  • Negatives -- converted, live on site
  • Simple Style
  • Transmogrified -- converted, live on site
  • Wide Lines

LJ Layouts

Only some LiveJournal S2 layouts are free for use; the others are not open source. The following can be ported to Dreamwidth:

Also keep in mind that some of the themes featured by these layouts will not be available, as they are not open source. People will have to make new themes for them. Styles affected by this are:

The unthemed layouts are in LJ's open-source repository, but none of the themes are. This means that we won't be able to use any of the themes, just the layout layer.