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This is a list of all the currently defined and in-use talkprops.

These are defined in the table talkproplist and the values are stored in talkprop2.

Name Description Type
admin_post Set to true if this is an official community administrator post. bool
deleted_poster If the comment poster's account is deleted, this field gets added to all of their posts, so the UI can show something besides 'anonymous' when posterid gets set to 0 char
edit_reason Reason for the last edit. char
edit_time Unix time of the last edit. undef if never edited. num
editor Type of editor used when making this content. Values: "markdown" or undefined (plain/raw html) char
import_source Where this comment was imported from char
imported_from The hostname of the site where this comment was imported from. char
opt_preformatted Turn on if post contains HTML and shouldn't be formatted bool
picture_keyword A keyword that should align to a defined picture char
picture_mapid A keyword that should align to a mapid num
poster_ip The poster's IP address, optionally logged. char
subjecticon partial filename for subject icon to use char
unknown8bit True if text has 8-bit data that's not in UTF-8 bool
useragent Name of web/mobile/sip/etc client used to post char