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This is a list of all the currently defined and in-use userprops.

These are defined in the table userproplist and the values are stored in userprop, userproplite, and userproplite2.

Name Description Type
adult_content Sets the journal as containing adult content (none, explicit, concepts) char
adult_content_reason The reason that the journal is marked as containing adult content char
ao3 AO3 user account name char
aolim AOL IM ScreenName char
badpassword If this user has a bad password and should change it num
betafeatures_list List of beta features the user is testing char
bonus_icons Count of permanent extra icon slots num
browselang LJ lang code in ml_langs char
captcha CAPTCHA type to show in the user's journal char
cc_msg options to CC pms to the user bool
city City lived in. char
comm_promo_blurb community promo blurb char
comm_theme A brief desription of the theme of a community char
control_strip_color Color to use for the control strip char
control_strip_display Display the control strip to the viewer on a specific page num
country 2 letter country code char
crosspost_footer_append N: never, A: always add to remote, D: only add when comments disabled on remote site char
crosspost_footer_nocomments Custom footer for crossposted entries with comments disabled blobchar
crosspost_footer_text Custom footer for crossposted entries blobchar
cut_inbox Respect cut tag in inbox bool
delete_reason Reason why user is deleting journal char
delicious Delicious user account name char
diigo Diigo user account name char
disable_auto_formatting Disable auto-formatting on entries by default for this user bool
disable_comm_promo set to force disable of community promo bool
dogeartime unixtime of most recently read friends item. anything greater is new. num
dont_load_members Used for large communities to prevent loading and displaying the complete list of members bool
draft_properties Storable hashref of a user's most recent draft properties blobchar
dupsig_post On each postevent, the dupsig is checked and updated to prevent accidental duplicate posts char
emailpost_allowfrom Comma separated list of email addresses allowed to send mail via gateway char
emailpost_auth Automatically generated auth used for posting comments char
emailpost_comments Default comment options for post-by-email entries char
emailpost_gallery Default gallery name for post-by-email pictures char
emailpost_pin Numeric or alpha PIN used for posting via email gateway char
emailpost_security Default security for post-by-email entries (and pictures) char
emailpost_userpic Default userpic for post-by-email entries char
entry_draft Backup of a user's most recent unposted entry blobchar
entry_editor Editor that should be used when creating a new entry char
entryform_panels Storable hashref containing information about panel visibility, order, collapsedness blobchar
entryform_width Whether the entry textarea should take up the full width "F" or partial width "P" char
esn_has_managed User has managed ESN subscriptions bool
esn_inbox_default_expand Default expanded state of ESN inbox items char
etsy Etsy user account name char
exclude_from_own_stats Exclude yourself from your own journal stats bool
external_foaf_url Location of External FOAF file char
ffnet user account name char
friendspagesubtitle Subtitle of Friends Page char
friendspagetitle Base Title of Friends Page char
gender F: female, M: male, O: other, U: unspecified char
google_analytics Google Analytics Code char
google_talk Google's 'Talk' Service address char
hide_adult_content What type of adult content to hide on journal views that have entries (values: none, concepts, explicit) char
hide_join_post_link Option to hide post to community link on join community success page bool
icbm Of form 45.2343,-102.2352 char
iconbrowser_metatext Whether or not to show the meta text in the icon browser bool
iconbrowser_smallicons Whether to show small or large images in the icon browser bool
icq ICQ Number char
identity_posting Whether to allow identity users to post entries to this journal bool
import_job Current import jobid char
init_bdate Birthdate user enters for age verification char
interest_ids_blob Packed blob of a user's interest ids (4 bytes per id) blobchar
jabber Jabber address ([email protected]) char
journal_box_entries Show journal boxes between entries on journal views with entries; overrides journal_box_placement userprop bool
journal_box_placement Specifies whether to use the horizontal or vertical box(es) in S2 layouts char
journaldomain Domain which will load user's journal char
journalsubtitle Subtitle of Journal char
journaltitle Base Title of Journal char
js_animations_minimal Use minimal animation effects when possible bool
last_fm_user LastFM user account name char
latest_optout Opt out of latest.bml, latest-rss.bml, and latest-img.bml if on. bool
mailencoding Encoding in which to mail comments to the user. Defaults to UTF-8. num
moderated 1: This community is moderated bool
msn MSN Username char
newesteventtime Time (user-side) of the user's last entry in their personal journal char
newpost_minsecurity Minimal security for new events; values are: public, private or friends char
no_mail_alias If true, mail to user's site email address isn't forwarded to their real address. bool
nonmember_posting True if this community allows non-member posting access bool
opt_allowsearchby A = everybody, F = access list only, N = nobody (me only). char
opt_allowvgiftsfrom all/registered/circle/access/(trustmask)/none char
opt_anonvgift_optout If true, user does not want to receive "anonymous" vgifts. bool
opt_bdaymail 0: don't get birthday reminder mail, 1: do get birthday reminder mail bool
opt_blockglobalsearch Y: don't allow global search, N: do allow char
opt_blockrobots 1: don't allow robots, 0: do bool
opt_comm_promo set to force disable of community promo bool
opt_comminvitemail Y = send email, else don't. char
opt_communityjoinemail N = send no email, D = send daily digest, else send email always. char
opt_ctxpopup Show contextual popup. I for icons only, U for user heads only, Y for both, N for never. char
opt_cut_disable_journal LJCUT disabled in lastn and day views bool
opt_cut_disable_reading LJCUT disabled in friends view bool
opt_echi_display Explicit Hierarchy Comment Indicator (1., 1a, 1b, 2.) display for comments bool
opt_embedplaceholders Y/N choice regarding whether lj-template tag embedded object should be hidden behind a placeholder. char
opt_exclude_stats 1: don't include user when using offsite hit tracker bool
opt_findbyemail Y - Findable, N - Not findable, H - Findable but identity hidden char
opt_getselfemail 1 = send poster comments they make, else don't. char
opt_getselfsupport If true, include user's own responses in support notifications. bool
opt_getting_started Show Getting Started widget char
opt_hidefriendofs 0: show friendofs, 1: hide friendofs bool
opt_hidememberofs 0: show memberofs, 1: hide memberofs bool
opt_imagelinks height: specifies maximum image size on a user's friends page. 0 for either field replaces all images. char
opt_imageundef 0: show image, 1: use placeholder bool
opt_logcommentips N: No, S: some (anonymous), A: all char
opt_maxpicheight Maxium picture height to be shown in journal before being linkitized. 0: for no max
opt_maxpicwidth Maxium picture width to be shown in journal before being linkitized. 0: for no max
opt_nctalklinks Show number of comments in URL bool
opt_no_quickreply Disable QuickReply bool
opt_nomodemail 1: do not send moderation emails, 0: default, send them bool
opt_notalkicons 1: no forum icons shown, 0: default, show them bool
opt_profileemail Email address to show on the profile char
opt_randompaidgifts N = don't allow this user to receive random paid gifts, otherwise allow it char
opt_sharebday User selected security setting to determine who can see birthday info char
opt_show_captcha_to Show CAPTCHA before posting a comment to: A=All, N=No one, F=non-Friends, R=anonymous users char
opt_showbday User selected security setting to show birthday char
opt_showljtalk User selected setting for showing (Y) or hiding (N) the LJ Talk field on their profile char
opt_showlocation User selected security setting to show location char
opt_showmutualfriends Boolean: 1 means show only mutual friends on your profile page, 0 (default) means to use the standard mode of showing everybody. bool
opt_showonlinestatus Show online status to Everyone(Y), Mutual Friends(F) or Nobody(N). char
opt_stylemine 1: use journal style when commenting on other journals from friends page bool
opt_synlevel How much content to put into syndication (Atom/RSS) feeds; values are: title, summary, or friends char
opt_tagpermissions User defined permissions for tags. Format of prop: "add,control". (Who can add tags, who can manage tags.) Format of both is one of "public","private","friends","group:N" where N is the group id. char
opt_usermsg Options for allowing who can send a message to a user char
opt_usesharedpic 1: friends view uses shared pictures, 0: uses poster's picture bool
opt_viewentrystyle Preference for the default style for viewing entries. O for original, S for site, M for mine, L for light. char
opt_viewiconstyle Preference for the default style for viewing icons pages. O for original, S for site, M for mine, L for light. char
opt_viewjournalstyle Preference for the default style for viewing journals. O for original, S for site, M for mine, L for light. char
opt_whatemailshow N: none, A: actual, L: local, B: both actual + local, D: display email, V: both display + local char
opt_whoscreened Screen new comments: A=All, N=None, F=from non-Friends, R=from non-users char
opt_xpost_disable_comments 1: disable comments on crossposts, 0: keep default on crossposts bool
optout_community_promo Promote this community to invited users when they create their account char
pinboard Pinboard user account name char
plurk Plurk user account name char
posting_guidelines_entry Community posting guidelines entry ID char
posting_guidelines_location Where are the community posting guidelines? Blank=Nowhere, P=Profile, E=Entry char
profile_collapsed_headers Comma-separated list of header ids that should start out collapsed when the user is viewing any profile. char
public_key Public key used for email gateway signature verification blobchar
ravelry Ravelry user account name char
renamedto Username of other journal to redirect to, if u.statusvis=="R" char
rl_syncitems_getevents_loop Keep track of syncitems lastupdate value & time for last two getevent+syncitems requests, checking for loops from broken clients. char
rssparseerror Records the error message when RSS parsing fails char
s2_style S2 Styleid to use num
safe_search Safe search filtering settings -- "none" means no filtering, otherwise it's a number, and the greater the number the more filtering occurs char
scheme_manually_set Unix time at which site scheme has been explicitly set by the user num
schemepref BML scheme name char
shop_points current points balance num
shop_refund_time Unix time at which a refund to points was last applied to this account num
sidx_bdate Index to speed directory searches. Only present if opt_infoshow=Y char
sidx_bday For finding all users with a birthday on a certain day of the year, not day with year, format mm-dd char
sidx_loc Index to speed directory searches. Format %2s-%s-%s (iso country code, state, city). Only present if opt_infoshow=Y char
skype Skype Account ID char
state 2 letter state code, or full state name char
sticky_entry Sticky Entry ID char
stylesys '1' for S1 or '2' for S2. Undefined means site default. num
theme_preview_styleid Style ID for the style used to preview themes on the customize page. Undefined means no style has been created yet. num
third_party_notify_list Comma-separated list of third-party services that should be notified when a user takes an action. char
timeformat_24 use 24-hour time format on site bool
timezone User's default timezone char
tumblr Tumblr user account name char
twitter Twitter user account name char
url URL of website char
urlname Name of website char
use_journalstyle_entry_page Y/N choice regarding whether selected S2 style should be used on journal entry pages. char
use_journalstyle_icons_page Choice regarding whether selected S2 style should be used on journal icons pages. bool
who_invited Username of the person who invited this user char
yahoo Yahoo ID char