Setting up dircproxy

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This is how to set up dircproxy for IRC, in case you're the kind of person who wants to log things all the time but can't be online all of the time with your computer. You are, however, going to need a computer that is on all of the time -- your best bet would be a VPS or home server.

(If you need something as cheap as possible, you can have a small VPS that won't really serve websites but can probably handle this and other small tasks from VPSLink for $8 a month.)

On Ubuntu, it can be installed as root user with:

apt-get install dircproxy

Then, you'll want to make a config file in the home directory of your main user:

mv dircproxyrc.sample ~/.dircproxyrc

There are a lot of different options in there, so go through it and change the ones you think are relevant.

To get your encrypted password, you'll have to run: