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This has all been incorporated as of the 1st of August 2014.

14:47 < Afuna> should I comment here on things that have changed? *G*

14:47 < Afuna> since the thing from dw_dev was posted

14:48 < kaberett> if you want me to edit, yes!

14:48 < Afuna> okay!

14:49 < Afuna> for finding bugs to work on: to see at a glance whether a bug has been claimed look if there's an icon to the right

14:50 < Afuna> but more importantly, to get all unassigned bugs, look for the assignee dropdown (upper right)

14:50 < Afuna> and then select "assigned to nobody"

14:51 < Afuna> for #3 in finding bugs to work on, we've actually converetd to sunig milestoens for major projects

14:51 < Afuna> not sure if it's a good place to mention it, but if you're looking for a bug that's not among the major projects (for example: if you'e just lookingf or a random reported bug), you can also go to the milestoese dropdown and select "issues with no milestone"

14:52 < kaberett> sounds like something I can work in

14:52 < Afuna> we have "curated: beginner" and "curated: mostwanted" labels which would be great places to start -- though maybe we want to hold off on mentioning that until we actually have bugs there *G*

14:52 < kaberett> (heads-up that I'm going to drop this into the Discussion page to edit in later)

14:52 < kaberett> (because currently trying to get a little dayjob done) :-)

14:52 < Afuna> fantastic thank you <3

14:52 < Afuna> heee okay

14:53 < Afuna> I need to dig up your babjydev list at some point and probably tag those with the curated: beginer

14:53 < Afuna> geeez I'm sorry my typing is all wonky tonight

14:53 < kaberett> nw! :-)

14:53 < kaberett>

14:53 < Afuna> possibly worth noting, a newly submitted bug will automatically have "status: untriaged" attached to it, so no need to do that on their own

14:53 < Afuna> oooh fantastic thank you

14:54 < Afuna> #4 in finding bugs to work on is no longer necessary with the claiming thing below

14:54 < kaberett> kk

14:55 < Afuna> I thiiiink #6 is not needed because that happens automatically too! maybe a note that mentioning the issue in the commit will automatically create links between the two etc

14:56 < kaberett> :-)

14:56 * Afuna chinhands

14:56 < Afuna> trying to think of anything that would be awkward or weird to someone entering an issue

14:57 < Afuna> #4 in logging bugs, I kinda want to say "describe what's wrong", rather than "describe what the fix looks like" but probably want rah to eigh in since it's her words *G*

14:58 < Afuna> ponder ponder ponder. I think that's all the tips I can think of right now