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A few things:

  • I like 80 as the line length limit, not 120. (I can see a point for a longer limit in actual statements, which may be what you meant, but for comments, 80 is (IMO) better.)
  • "&foo;" should probably be rewritten as "foo();" unless there's a reason why it needs to remain that way. (And if there's a reason, it should be explained in code.)
  • There should be a reference for <LJFUNC> function interface definitions. Or a decision to do away with them. If we keep them, adding them should probably be an ongoing clean-up task.

Pauamma 09:04, 14 August 2008 (UTC)

(LJFUNC should die and we should use something that the rest of the world uses, POD. Xb95 today when I wrote this)