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People who might be actively volunteering already, and should be nudged to take themselves off this list and add themselves to Who

  • Allen
  • alsatia
  • ChemicalLace
  • dani-the-girl
  • gossymer
  • ivorygates
  • jamie
  • phoenix
  • tango
  • teshiron

Actually, since this page is locked down now, it's kind of useless for this purpose anymore, unfortunately. I think we need to coordinate with with [info]moonie, give over all this info and let her handle it, because she's the volunteer coordinator. Then we should archive this page by moving it to Volunteers In Waiting (Archive) and on the Volunteers In Waiting page itself link to [info]dw_volunteers and give instructions that [info]moonie wants to give people! --Foxfirefey 19:58, 2 May 2009 (UTC)