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on dreamwidth: [info]piranha

on LJ: [info]pir_anha

on IRC: pir

email (also used for zilla): [email protected]


write wiki page on how i make the pesky little style previews:


  • set up userpic for generic user
  • make some test posts with the same tags,
    • 1 tag with 1 post
    • 1 tag with 2 posts
    • 1 tag with 3 posts
  • create new layout and/or theme
  • pick tag for posts that fit best with theme, fill most of screen
  • take screenshot of window at max browser size. often have to take two; one upper, one lower, because themes don't all fit well horizontally

in photoshop:

  • set background colour to background colour of image.
  • combine the screenshots if you had to take two (enlarge canvas, use difference trick)
  • with very vertically oriented themes, add additional empty space on the sides.
  • flatten image
  • set marquee to aspect ratio of 150 wide 114 high
  • draw marquee starting at left upper corner, fitting as much as possible into it.
  • snap guide to lower edge of marquee
  • redraw the marquee to the guide.
  • crop the image.

detail work:

  • if there are fine lines outlining modules/entries, pull guides to line up with each one.
  • save the image as png (this will save the guides as well), name it after layout and theme (eg. stepping stones red october)
  • duplicate the image, replacing "copy" with "150x114"
  • resize the image, bicubic sharper, size 150 wide 114 high
  • if there are fine lines to draw:
    • create new layer above background layer
    • zoom in so you can see
    • for rectangular outlines use marquee along guides and edit -> stroke with 1 px center
    • for lines use pencil 1 px along guides
    • hide guides, zoom out when done
    • adjust line layer's opacity until it melds nicely with theme
    • sharpen background layer
    • flatten layers
  • save image as png

upload to zilla