XML-RPC Protocol Method: checkforupdates

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Check whether there are any new updates available for you on your read list. Replaces "checkfriends".


username Scalar. Required. Username of user logging in.

auth_method Scalar. Optional. Authentication method used for this request. The default value is "clear", for plain-text authentication. "cookie" and any of the challenge-response methods are also acceptable.

password Deprecated. Scalar. Optional. Password of user logging in in plaintext. If using the "clear" authentication method, either this or "hpassword" must be present.

hpassword Deprecated. Scalar. Optional. MD5 digest of user's password. Not much more secure than password, but at least it's not in plain text.

auth_challenge Scalar. Optional. If using challenge-response authentication, this should be the challenge that was issued to you by the server.

auth_response Scalar. Optional. If using challenge-response authentication, this should be the response hash that you generate, based on the formula required for your challenge.

ver Scalar. Optional. Protocol version supported by the client; assumed to be 0 if not specified. See Protocol Versions for details on the protocol version.

lastupdate Scalar. Optional. Last update time you are aware of, taken from previous calls to checkforupdates. If not provided, will assume you have never received any updates. Format: "2010-12-31 00:00:00"

filter Scalar. Optional. Name of a content filter whose members you wish to filter to. If not provided, check for updates from all journals on your read list.


new Scalar. Required. 1 if you sent a lastupdate argument, and there are new items since then. 0 in all other cases.

interval Scalar. Required. Number of seconds that the results are cached. Wait for at least this long before running checkforupdates again.

lastupdate Scalar. Required. Time that someone last updated, in "2010-12-31 00:00:00" format. Store this and send it back the next time you run checkforupdates.