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See [[Dreamwidth Communities]]
See [[Dreamwidth Communities]]
== *** ==
See [[*** Communities]].
== For fun ==
== For fun ==

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Add comms! Categorize! Use alphabetical order within sections/subsections. You can also watch [info]dw_community_promo for people promoting their communities!

This list is very difficult to maintain now that we've been in Open Beta for some time. Please feel free to edit this page mercilessly, adding new public communities (even if they aren't yours), and deleting inactive or deleted communities. It is possible that this page is now obsolete - if you think so, leave a note on Talk:Community List.

Dreamwidth Official and Unofficial Communities

See Dreamwidth Communities

For fun

  • [info]addme -- Dreamwidth is new and we all want to start making friends, Add Me is a great place to start!
  • [info]anonymous -- Sometimes we just need to talk with our names off.
  • [info]beginningcocks -- An introduction to the cock. With extra bonus points for lube and historical accuracy
  • [info]bunny_support -- Community for sharing and adopting plot and video bunnies.
  • [info]connect -- Connect and Confide - Share yourself with us, whoever you may be. For those who still believe in magic, transparency, and the goodness of being within the moment.
  • [info]creepypasta -- for creepy things of all varieties. Discussions, recommendations, urban legends, original material... if it's creepy, it belongs here.
  • [info]efw -- Existential Flame War
  • [info]endings -- post your favourite endings from books, journals, songs, films, speeches... anything.
  • [info]glamour_bombs -- Fashion, Beauty, Style ~ Everything Beautiful
  • [info]guessmyheritage -- Can You GuessMyHeritage?
  • [info]iconic -- A collaborative effort to proliferate high quality icons. Translation: Get/Share awesome icons! ^_^
  • [info]lol -- Funny stories, jokes, anything amusing to brighten your day!
  • [info]lol_meme -- Not technically a community. For anonymous comment postings, I think? See [info]lol_meme (JF) for the canonical one.
  • [info]metaquotes
  • [info]nearly_everyone -- generic reference community to 'everyone'
  • [info]overheard -- Quotes from conversations heard in the course of real life. Inspired by the ever-popular "Overheard in New York."
  • [info]randomthoughts -- to share little snippets of what you're thinking about
  • [info]rants -- Something bothering you? Someone did something to aggravate you? Rant!
  • [info]sauce -- A giant vat of pure, undiluted Awesome Sauce, sourced from real life and around the webbernets (Now with MOAR MEME!)
  • [info]secrets -- Got a secret you want to share? Turn it into an image and get it out here.
  • [info]spam -- Had any weird, funny or creepy spam? Sift through your emails and post the results here!
  • [info]statements -- for posting about anything and everything you like, as long as you can fit it into a single, declarative sentence.
  • [info]thatswhatshesaid -- For quoting conversations that could end in "That's what she said!"
  • [info]thequestionclub -- Got a question? Ask away! MISC
  • [info]tickybox -- biweekly polls about anything and everything.
  • [info]wishlists






  • [info]manila -- Metro Manila, Philippines


  • [info]2012 -- a community dedicated to examining the facts and myths about 2012, and eschatology in general.
  • [info]a_gamer_is_me -- a comm for all your gaming needs.
  • [info]alt -- Tattoos, piercings, body mods, and all things "alt"
  • [info]animations -- A community dedicated to animated graphics
  • [info]anime -- For Japanese animation
  • [info]astronomy -- For stargazers of all levels
  • [info]ballroomdancing -- For those who enjoy ballroom dancing
  • [info]banners -- userinfo/profile graphic sharing.
  • [info]beauty -- all things beauty and health related: makeup, hair, fashion, skincare, fragrance, and more?
  • [info]bicyclette -- Cycling with style!
  • [info]bookcrossing -- For BookCrossing members and those willing to share their books!
  • [info]bme -- a body modification community
  • [info]bpal_talk -- For Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.
  • [info]cellardoor -- for writers, photographers, and mostly dreamers. an experiment in expression.
  • [info]comics -- a place for people who read comics (serial, series, graphic novel, webcomics, or other formats) to get together and talk about them in a thoughtful way.
  • [info]convention_watch -- for announcing conventions/meetups/festivals of any type
  • [info]daydreams -- A place to post your daydreams and mental vacations and to read about those of others. Writers, readers, commentors, and dreamers welcome.
  • [info]design -- for those that love design in its various forms
  • [info]digitalart -- for anyone who is interested in digital art or artists or the aforementioned artists themselves. Open to any art that's been digitally created, not just visual arts.
  • [info]disasterporn -- For those who are fascinated by disasters, both natural and man-made.
  • [info]disobey_gravity -- For climbers
  • [info]dragoncon -- for attendees (or potential attendees!) of Dragon*Con, the SF/F & Pop Culture convention held every year over Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia
  • [info]dreams -- If you want to talk about or interpret a dream or two, here's the place!
  • [info]eve_online -- Pilots of the internet spaceships MMORPG EVE Online from CCP
  • [info]fem_thoughts -- a new community for meta about women and/or femslash!
  • [info]gamedesign -- Open to any field of game design - from computers to table top RPGs and anything in between, as well as pros in the field to players who are just interested in discussing the topic
  • [info]gaming -- gamers of all sorts welcome! video games, board games, tabletop games, etc.
  • [info]gardening -- Gardening discussion of all kinds
  • [info]gimp_gate -- a community where you can discuss and find tips & tricks in using GIMP
  • [info]girlybits -- a women's health/sexual health discussion community.
  • [info]hentai -- Anime/Manga porn.
  • [info]history -- For all things history.
  • [info]iconfinder -- A community for everyone who is looking for specific icons and would like some pointers on where to look for them.
  • [info]journals -- for people who love keeping a journal in any form
  • [info]kawaii -- I love cute.
  • [info]king_arthur -- For King Arthur.
  • [info]law The Law Community - for legal discussion, legal questions, current or former law students, etc.
  • [info]legacychallenge -- The Sims 2 Game. Can you make it to ten generations?
  • [info]legacywriters -- A comm to offer help for writing and playing legacies. The Sims 2 Game.
  • [info]massagetherapy -- a general community for massage therapists and anyone else who is interested massage!
  • [info]mixes -- sharing and discussion about making music mixes and playlists.
  • [info]musing_way -- a claimed muse community for prompt writing and roleplay in character.
  • [info]newslettering -- a community for all things related to newsletters, fannish or not, automated or not, on Dreamwidth or elsewhere.
  • [info]pirates -- For all things pirate-related.
  • [info]pixelpushers -- For the discussion of anything of interest to the digital visual artist, including news, software, innovations in the field, techniques, and more!
  • [info]photocons -- for icons made from photography.
  • [info]post_apocalypse -- discuss post--apocalyptic fiction (books, TV shows, movies, ...)
  • [info]sca_documentation -- For help writing documentation for Society for Creative Anachronism competitions, publications, and websites; presenting your research effectively.
  • [info]scent_junkies -- "Dreamwidth's first community dedicated to the wonderful world of online etailers (and some offline too!) that peddle in the crack that is bath and body products, perfumes and various other scented items!
  • [info]screencaps -- a place for people to share and find screencaps.
  • [info]shortfilms -- for fans of short films to talk about/share/promote short films.
  • [info]sims -- A community for all the other sims games, on any gaming system.
  • [info]simsecret -- A secret comm for simmers. The Sims 2 Game.
  • [info]spoleto_usa -- For all things Spoleto Festival USA and Piccolo Spoleto, Charleston, SC.
  • [info]sun_salutation -- Yoga comm
  • [info]taichi -- for anyone who plays or wants to learn more about tai chi/taiji
  • [info]tarot -- is a new community for all things related to tarot
  • [info]tattoos -- A community dedicated to tattoos
  • [info]television -- What's on the box?
  • [info]thesims2 -- General chat and questions relating to the game.
  • [info]tudors -- for those interested in the Tudor era of history.
  • [info]tv -- Anything and everything tv related.


  • [info]alisonmosshart -- a community dedicated to Alison Mosshart, lead singer of The Kills.
  • [info]audiophilia -- share your music recommendations via weekly themes.
  • [info]bandom -- claim up to five of your favorite bands or musicians.
  • [info]britneyspears -- For the musician Britney Spears.
  • [info]denmark_street -- a community that's intended to focus on the Beatles and their circle, but within the wider context of the al and cultural life of London and Liverpool in the sixties.
  • [info]depechemode -- for all things DM related.
  • [info]earworm -- Discover new music and hope it doesn't eat you.
  • [info]earwormhole -- For when it eats you.
  • [info]eurorock -- Euro-focused music recommendation & discussion
  • [info]firedancers -- Dave Matthews
  • [info]filk -- For filk, a sub-genre of music.
  • [info]get_your_groove_on_friday -- for sharing music that makes you feel Friday
  • [info]mixes -- sharing and discussion about making music mixes and playlists.
  • [info]musicmakers -- Making music - writing, playing, by ourselves, with others.
  • [info]spoleto_usa -- For all things Spoleto Festival USA and Piccolo Spoleto, Charleston, SC.
  • [info]stephinmerritt -- For fans of Stephin Merritt and his various projects
  • [info]the_cab -- for all news, photos, videos, and everything else pertaining to the Fueled By Ramen band The Cab!
  • [info]tori_amos -- Tori Amos fans (Ears with Feet)
  • [info]yousendit -- Organized, efficient, and a place for lovers of every background.

Books and Reading

  • [info]a_reader_is_me -- is a reading challenge community similar to 52 Books in 52 Weeks or the Cannonball Read
  • [info]bookcrossing -- For BookCrossing members and those willing to share their books!
  • [info]bookmooch -- For DW Bookmoochers to post inventories, offers, etc
  • [info]books -- For Discussions About Books
  • [info]dreams_library -- is a community for requesting book recommendations
  • [info]ebooks -- is for, well, ebook-related discussions
  • [info]fantasy -- for all fantasy related books and topics.
  • [info]georgette_heyer -- the works of Georgette Heyer
  • [info]myriadwords -- a Diane Duane/Young Wizards fan community - fanfiction, mostly, with some discussion, throughout the fandoms for her works.
  • [info]otherworld -- For fans of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series.
  • [info]poetry -- For posting poetry you like that's not yours.
  • [info]poetree -- For sharing and discussing unpublished, free domain, or alternative poetry, which may include your own if (and only if) you are the current Poetry Host.
  • [info]reading -- What are you reading?
  • [info]readingtheclassics -- a community where book lovers can gather together to read and discuss a different classic novel every month.
  • [info]romancereviews -- For reviews, recommendations, and discussions of books in the romance genre.
  • [info]science_fiction -- For discussion and fanworks of written SF
  • [info]spaceopera -- for all Space Opera/SciFi/Fantasy books and topics.
  • [info]theotherworld -- Fans of Kelley Armstrong
  • [info]vorkosigan -- Community for Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan novels.


  • [info]cellardoor -- for writers, photographers, and mostly dreamers. an experiment in expression.
  • [info]crits_of_the_fantastical -- For posting fantasy writing that you want critiqued
  • [info]dailyprompt -- Creative prompts each day, to inspire writers and other artists
  • [info]dear_you -- dedicated to those who have something to say to others in the form of letter writing
  • [info]nano_writers -- Fun writing prompts, exercises, and challenges to prep writers for NaNoWriMo!
  • [info]originalfiction -- For the sharing, reviewing and enjoyment of original, non-fannish written works of fiction by Dreamwidth users.
  • [info]original_slash -- For Original Slash and Femslash Fiction, Art, Discussion, etc.
  • [info]parthenon -- a community for themed table claiming to help inspire both original and fan fiction or art.
  • [info]sonnets -- for people who like sonnets
  • [info]stayintheroom -- Two prompts per week, and optional restrictions for those who enjoy a challenge.
  • [info]write_good -- Constructive criticism for your works of fiction.
  • [info]writerstorm -- a place for writers and authors to ask and answer questions, and brainstorm and research together


  • [info]boilingwater -- boiling water without burning it (beginning cooks' community). A DW original!
  • [info]baking -- Like to bake? Share your pictures and recipes here!
  • [info]bakeitup -- For all of your baking recipes, tips and photos, sweet and savory alike
  • [info]omnomnom -- A community dedicated to posting about recipes. Also a DW original - and one of the most popular communities on the entire service.
  • [info]thriftycooking -- Cooking on the cheap
  • [info]veggierecipes -- A community for vegetarian recipes where all are welcome. It's all about the food!
  • [info]recipebox -- for all kinds of recipes.


  • [info]crochet -- for all things crochet.
  • [info]cross_stitch -- for everything to do with cross stitching.
  • [info]handspinning -- For handspinners of all kinds of fiber.
  • [info]historicalembroidery -- for historically accurate and historically inspired embroidery.
  • [info]intertwined -- for yarn and fibre crafts with a mathematical component.
  • [info]knitting -- For knitters.
  • [info]knittingpix -- For knitting pictures.
  • [info]magpie -- For jewelry makers.
  • [info]merchant_alley -- sell stuff online, be it arts, crafts, services or whatever.
  • [info]naturaldyes -- for natural dyes.
  • [info]sca_attire -- For medieval and renaissance clothing.
  • [info]scrapbooking -- for all your scrapbooking (paper and digital) and papercraft discussion, layout posting, and etc.
  • [info]soap -- for soapmakers and prospective soapmakers
  • [info]tabletweaving -- For people interested in tablet/card weaving, a nifty way to create elaborate patterned bands.
  • [info]tatting -- For tatters & others who appreciate this uncommon lace form.


  • [info]animal_rights -- Animal Rights Activists
  • [info]anti_breedists -- United Against Breed Specific Legislation
  • [info]antitheism
  • [info]asexuality -- An asexuality community
  • [info]autism -- for all those on the autistic spectrum and their allies
  • [info]bipolygothgeekkinky -- For bi, poly, goth, geeky and kinky people
  • [info]bisexual -- The Bisexual Community
  • [info]breastfeeding -- Support community for breastfeeding mothers, and mothers to be.
  • [info]charity -- for discussing charities and charitable work of all kinds.
  • [info]child_free -- Community for those who choose to be child free
  • [info]child_free_pets -- ... and their pets!
  • [info]customers_suck -- bitching about your customer service job! Same purpose as on LJ, though different maintainer.
  • [info]depression -- for people dealing with depression or have friends that do.
  • [info]disability -- for people with disabilities and allies
  • [info]eden -- a gathering place for God's children.
  • [info]effeminate_ftm -- For transmen who fall more on the Emmett side of the gender expression spectrum than the Kinney side.
  • [info]endometriosis -- Endometriosis Awareness and Support
  • [info]environment -- for things that have to do with the environment.
  • [info]fibro -- for anyone affected by fibromyalgia - patients, family, friends, doctors, etc.
  • [info]fibro_life -- talk about the ways in which we manage to live full and fulfilling lives despite the pain of fibro.
  • [info]ftm -- For transmen and their friends, family, partners, and allies.
  • [info]ftm_adult -- Age restricted community for transmale issues that can't be addressed in [info]ftm (lower surgery, sex, pre-top photos, etc).
  • [info]hard_of_hearing -- For hard of hearing individuals, and those who support them
  • [info]human_rights -- Human Rights Activists
  • [info]i_miss_my_dad -- Missing Our Dads ~ Grief & Loss Support
  • [info]infj -- identify as or learn more about INFJ
  • [info]intj -- Is a place for INTJs (and INTJ friendly people) to share experiences
  • [info]intp -- is a community for INTPs and the people who want to understand them
  • [info]insomnia -- A community for people who cannot or have difficulty sleeping.
  • [info]jeep -- Jeep Owners & Enthusiasts
  • [info]kiva -- Kiva and other microfinance charities.
  • [info]libertarianism -- for all things that have to do with libertarianism.
  • [info]migraines -- Migraine Awareness & Support
  • [info]multiplesclerosis -- Multiple Sclerosis support
  • [info]no_pity -- a cross-disability comm for people with disabilities/disabling conditions and allies
  • [info]notes_to_heaven -- Things never said (grief & loss support)
  • [info]parenting -- If you're looking for advice, answers or parenting debates, check this out.
  • [info]permaculture -- is for anyone interested in sustainable food & sustainable agriculture
  • [info]politics
  • [info]poly -- for Poly/polyamory/polyamoury people and open, honest relationships
  • [info]poor_skills -- For advice, tips, hints, help and discussion about living on a liimited budget
  • [info]postqueer
  • [info]pro_choice -- Abortion Rights/Pro-Choice community
  • [info]psychology Study and Discussion of Psychology
  • [info]queer_as_dreamwidth
  • [info]queer_rage -- For queer folk and our allies to openly vent about anti-queer bigotry and discrimination.
  • [info]roma_andfriends Discussion of Romani Related Topics
  • [info]romany_women Community for Romany Women
  • [info]single -- Single...and loving it!
  • [info]spiritual_woo -- Need to know how to ground, center, or shield? Want a supportive space to talk about getting your cards read or seeing a medium? Not sure whether your dream last night meant something? This community is the place for you.
  • [info]steampunk
  • [info]tea_party -- Talk about tea
  • [info]the_holocaust -- Holocaust Discussion and Remembrance
  • [info]theladiesloos -- an autonomous community for self-defining women to vent, ask for advice, tell their stories... whatever they like.
  • [info]transgender -- For all people on the trans* spectrum and their friends, family, partners, and allies.
  • [info]vegetarian -- A friendly community for those that follow or are interested in a vegetarian lifestyle.


  • [info]adayinmylife -- post a day of your life in pictures!
  • [info]cellardoor -- for writers, photographers, and mostly dreamers. an experiment in expression.
  • [info]editorials -- Fashion photography and editorials
  • [info]ferretography -- OMG Ferret Pics!
  • [info]phodography -- Post Your Dog Pics Here!
  • [info]photographers -- a new community for anyone interested in photography.
  • [info]pix_elation -- is for hobbyist digital photographers from 'just opened the box' to serious amateur digital photographers who want to share their shots and how-to
  • [info]photocons -- for icons made from photography.
  • [info]shutterbugs -- for photographers who want to expand their skills sets by receiving constructive criticism or for people who just love viewing photographs. It is also a place to share resources, talk about equipment, and network with other photographers!



  • [info]arrow_rest -- for all things archery.
  • [info]baseball -- It's a general discussion community for baseball fans of all teams and varieties.
  • [info]cubbies -- Discussion for supporters of the Chicago Cubs
  • [info]disobey_gravity -- A place for climbers of all persuasions to hang out
  • [info]equestrian -- community for discussion of all things equestrian----post photos for critique, ask questions, or discuss topics coming up in the equine world.
  • [info]f1 -- talking about Formula 1 motor racing
  • [info]liverpoolfc -- A community for fans of Liverpool Football Club!
  • [info]nicorosberg -- Formula 1: Nico Rosberg
  • [info]redsox -- A community for Red Sox fans everywhere!
  • [info]sjsharks -- San Jose Sharks fans
  • [info]taichi -- for discussions of principles, sharing your progress and accomplishments, talking about varieties of forms, and all things tai chi!


  • [info]apple -- Apple/Mac Lovers Community
  • [info]android -- Dreamwidth's first Android community! For all things Android - fans, troubleshooting, and developers.
  • [info]astronomy -- For stargazers of all levels
  • [info]blackberry -- For people who have Blackberries.
  • [info]ebooks -- Ebooks and the hardware & software related thereto.
  • [info]environment -- Environmental news and discussion
  • [info]geek
  • [info]geekgirls -- Are you female and into computers, science, math, comics, or things that people might consider to be "geeky"?
  • [info]history -- Because historians are geeks, too!
  • [info]linux4all -- Like it says Linux For All ! Newbies and experienced tinkerer's welcome.
  • [info]macintosh -- Macintosh Users
  • [info]perl -- For Perl users; beginners welcome.
  • [info]python
  • [info]rubyonrails -- For Ruby on Rails users and beginners.
  • [info]science -- For the scientists and science-interested people on Dreamwidth.
  • [info]tech -- For links and discussion about everything labelled "tech".