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Dreamwidth sets cookies in visitors' browsers. This is a list of the cookies that are set, why they are set, and what they do.

This is a work in progress.

Domain Cookie Name Cookie Contents What/Why BMLschemepref name of preferred sitescheme

(e.g. "tropo-red")

to allow choice of sitescheme while logged out langpref name of preferred language

(e.g. "en")

[obsolete] set by BML::set_language ljloggedin combination of userid & sessionid see LJ::Session->loggedin_cookie_string ljmastersession combination of userid, sessionid, & auth see LJ::Session->master_cookie_string ljuniq persistent unique ID associated with device/browser see LJ/ no_mobile set to opt out of mobile view see DW/Setting/
<username> ljdomsess.<username> info for session on given user's subdomain see LJ::Session->domain_cookie __utma __utmz
<username> __utma
<username> __utmz

Viewing preferences are saved both in the settings and in cookies, and while logged in, the logged-in settings win. (From [info]Fu in #dreamwidth_dev 11 Oct 2011)