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There are some data sources that you can use when trying to get information about Dreamwidth and its users, especially programmatically. If you're going to use a bot, please make sure and read the draft Bot Policy.

Atom and RSS Feeds

All users currently have Atom and RSS feeds. Note that they can change the syndication's content with the syndication level setting.

Feeds are located at:

Interest Data

Warning: This might change. We're considering moving to JSON.

Interest data can give you information on the specific interests a user has, or how many users have listed an interest.

Icon Data

Warning: Should move these URLs to "icons".

You can get information on an account's icons through an Atom feed.


FOAF files are available here:

Note that users can set their own FOAF files, or limit who they list.

Edges Data

This is our JSON formatted replacement for LJ's fdata.bml.

It's available for all account types.


Warning: Should make this userspace accessible at /data.

Service Stats

Stats on service activity are available here:

Raw stats are currently unavailable.