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This documents the contents of the $LJHOME development folder as checked out by and present on all Dreamhacks.


Backend utilities for maintaining and upgrading the site.

Commonly used programs in this directory include:


Code libraries that power the site. This directory is the base of the library path--that is use Net::OpenID::Consumer; refers to the code in cgi-bin/Net/OpenID/ It contains all the custom Perl libraries and functions that the code references including the LJ::* and DW::* libraries. Code in *.pl files in this directory are also library files but in an older style (bug 1726 refers to these updates).


Local version of the Mercurial repositories. Information about use of these repositories can be found in the [Developers' Initial Programming Notes].

The two Mercurial source branches you'll be using most often are dw-free dw-free and dw-nonfree dw-nonfree. (When viewing the Mercurial page for each repo, the 'Manifest' link in the top menu bar will allow you to browse the source tree.)


Unedited versions of some configuration files are stored here, plus the DocBook manual.


Docbook formatted source for the old and very much out of date docbook code for the LiveJournal server. LiveJournal's version is visible at but Dreamwidth has not generated a user-visible copy.


Various configuration files specific to the local site, such as These files are not copied to the Mercurial repositories so they can be updated without affecting other running installations.


User-facing BML pages, with the directory structure used on the main website. That is to say, anything that appears at will be here, as htdocs/filename.bml; anything at will be here as htdocs/directory/filename.bml, etc.


Some of the Dreamwidth sub-systems keep log files here, including the journal importer.


Template Toolkit (*.tt) files for generating the site schemes used on Dreamwidth.


Source code for some of the packages the code uses. The [list of what gets checked out] says which files are pulled down to go in src/. In that file the second column on lines 38 onwards lists destinations, so anything with src/* in that column goes in src/.


BML pages that are transmitted over SSL instead of being unencrypted (regular files live in htdocs). This includes the shop and the admin tools, amongst other things.


Tests that use the testing framework in main/test. See Dev Testing for how to use them.


TODO: Probably used for temporary file storage, but what temporary files?


TODO: What's this?


Template Toolkit files which are gradually replacing the BML files. The controllers for the templates are in cgi-bin/DW/Controller/.