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BBEdit is a text editor for the Mac that also allows you to work on a remote server instead of on a local copy of the file. It includes context-sensitive highlighting, and also includes a very powerful set of one-touch HTML authoring tools (without being WYSIWYG like Dreamweaver or FrontPage).

Pretty much its only downside is that it's not free software or shareware; it costs $125 for an individual license, and $49 if you are a student or faculty at an approved educational institution. If you can afford it, though, it's widely considered to be the best text editor for the Mac.

  • To set proper proper line endings: Go to the Preferences panel. Pick "Text Files: Saving" (you'll have to scroll for it). For "Default Line Breaks", select "Unix".
  • To connect to your Dreamhack, use File->Open from FTP/SFTP Server (or clover-shift-O). In the Open dialog, put
    for the server, and make sure the "SFTP" box is checked. Put in your username and password and hit Connect. You can then open a file, edit it locally, and when you hit clover-S to save, it will save to your Dreamhack.
  • To save a new file to your Dreamhack, use File->Save to FTP/SFTP Server (or clover-shift-S). You can then pick the right location.
  • To save a file that you've created and saved locally to your Dreamhack, use File->Save a copy to FTP/SFTP Server.