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Notepad++ is a simple editor for Windows with a Notepad-like interface but also features such as a tabbed view, varied syntax highlighting themes and document compare tools which make it much nicer and much more useful, even for basic text writing and editing. It is available in many languages, included by default, and can also automatically recognize many programming languages.

Useful Settings

  • To make sure you're using spaces and not tabs for indents, go to Settings/Preferences/Language Menu&Tab Settings and check 'Replace by space' on the right side.
  • To make sure white spaces and tabs are always displayed, go to View/Special Characters and check 'Show White Space and Tab'.
  • To deactivate the auto-indentation, go to Settings/Preferences/Misc and uncheck 'Auto-indent'.

Editing Syntax Highlight Themes

  • To permanently change the default values of your theme, go to /Programs/Notepad++/themes, copy the .xml file, paste it in another folder, edit it then move it back to the original folder (you can't edit it directly). You may need Administrator rights to do this.

Notepad++ and Other Software

  • Using Notepad++ with WinSCP: go to View/Preferences/Editors. Click on Add/External Editor and Browse. At the end don't forget to click on Up to make it the first editor in the list.