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finduser is an Admin console command that lets you look up what accounts are owned by an email address, and what email address is confirmed for an account. It provides extra information such as userid, paid status, available invite codes, and information about account status (deleted, suspended, etc) and email address confirmation (confirmed, uncomfirmed, etc).


There are several versions of the command, depending on what you want to look up. For all these examples, replace 'username' with the username you want to look up, and [email protected] with the email address you want to look up.

finduser username

Returns finduser data for the account username. Synonym: finduser user username.

finduser [email protected]

Returns finduser data for all accounts that have [email protected] as their email address. Synonym: finduser email [email protected]

finduser email username

Returns finduser data for all accounts that have the same email address as username. Shortcut for running finduser username, then taking the email address and running finduser on it.

finduser userid 12345

Returns finduser data for the user with userid 12345.

finduser timeupdate username

Returns finduser data, with the addition of when the account last updated, for the account username.

finduser timeupdate [email protected]

Returns finduser data, with the addition of when the accounts last updated, for all accounts that have [email protected] as their email address.

Reading the output

Output for finduser will look like this, with various lines optional:

 User: denise (3), journaltype: P, statusvis: V, email: (A) [email protected]
 Last updated: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:53:05 GMT
 Seed Account, never expires
 Unused invites: 591
  1. User: The username of the account. The number in parens after it is the account's userid.
  2. Journaltype: one of P (person), C (community), F (feed), I (identity).
  3. Statusviz: one of V (visible/undeleted), D (deleted), S (suspended), X (deleted and purged), R (renamed from)
  4. Email: The email address of the account. The letter in parens is the confirmation status of the address: A (confirmed), N (never confirmed), T (once had a confirmed email address, but changed the address to a new one and has not confirmed the new one yet).
  5. Last updated: Timestamp (in GMT) of when the account last updated.
  6. Paid account status will be one of:
    1. Not included in the results if the account has always been a free account
    2. "Seed account, never expires" if the account is a seed account
    3. "(Premium) Paid account, expiring YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00" if the account is paid or premium paid, with the expiration date/time being in GMT
    4. "Free account, expired" if the account was once paid, but has since expired.
  7. Unused invites: If the account has unused invite codes, they will be counted here. If the account has no unused invites, the count will be 0. If the account has never had any invite codes, the line will not be included.

If using finduser email username or finduser [email protected] and there are multiple results, the accounts returned by finduser will be displayed in the order of their userids.