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=== Temporary ===  
=== Temporary ===  
; '''!openbeta'''  
<strike>; '''!openbeta'''  
: For a limited time only, <dwuser>exor674</dwuser> is running a script with a countdown to Open Beta.
: For a limited time only, <dwuser>exor674</dwuser> is running a script with a countdown to Open Beta.</strike> Open Beta has started! This is no longer available.
== Channels ==  
== Channels ==  

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Figment has several different features, and will answer to "Figment" or "Fig" interchangeably, as well as "Infobot" and "Bit".


There is a DW-specific infobot in the channel named Figment; the commands to use him are:

infobot, <x> is <y>
This is how you ask Figment to remember a factoid <x>. For example, you might say:
infobot, wiki is http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/
which would ask him to remember that the factoid "wiki" was the URL to Dreamwidth's development wiki. This command works only in PM. You can ask him to recall a factoid with the command below.
infobot, <x>
This asks Figment to recall a factoid that was previously remembered. You can use this in channel or in PM.
infobot, no, <x> is <y>
If Figment already knows a factoid when you try to ask him to remember one, he'll tell you that he already knows it and he won't remember the new definition. This command tells him to change the factoid to the new definition anyway. This command works only in PM.
infobot, forget <x>
This asks Figment to forget the factoid <x>. This command works only in PM.

You can use "info," instead of "infobot," for any of these commands if you wish.


Ask Bit a yes or no question, or ask Bit to pick between comma-separated options. Bit will choose!

Bit, tally will make Bit give a tally of the yes and no answers since the last time Bit was rebooted.


Figment, green
This asks Figment to retrieve the stats on the support requests without approved answers.

Figment functions like Anna for a support-bot, for those who are familiar with Anna.

These may be addressed to "Fig" as well.

Figment, tags
Figment, stars
Figment, be Goat
Figment, points
Figment, stale
Figment, recent
Figment, recenttags
Figment, kittens
Figment, random
Figment, search
Figment, stats


These may be addressed to "Fig" as well.

Figment, countdown
Gives the time remaining until the specified time. fig, countdown 9pm EDT
Figment, gmt
Figment, is DW up?
Asks Figment to check if DW is up. "up" can be replaced with "down" synonymously.
Figment, math
Figment, twitter <x>
Reports the last tweet posted by a Twitter user. Defaults to @dreamwidth if no username is given.

hEll bot

You can feed items to hell. When an item is fed to hell, hell will most likely spew out random items it has consumed.

feed <x> to hell
/me feeds <x> to hell
This feeds an item to Hell. Hell will probably at this point in time spew out one or two items it has been holding. It may also burp and not expel anything new.
(Hell recognises a number of synonyms for "feed". The current list is "feed", "send", "damn", "punt", "toss", "smite", "condemn", "hurl", "throw" and "kick". These can also be used in their equivalent form as part of a /me - for example, "/me damns <x> to hell".)
hell, tally
This tells you how many items hell is currently holding.

Hell does not have a search function, so the only way to know what is in hell at any given time is to have kept track (or ask hell's minder).

There is a separate level of hell for every channel that hell is in, so objects that are fed to it in its testing channel will not re-emerge in #dw, and vice versa.

The rumor that hell is sentient is just that: a rumor. Really. We swear. ...We hope.


Bugsy is a bot that notifies the channel when bugs are opened, closed, or receive patches. It will also bring up more information about any bug that you link to in channel.

bug <x> said in channel, anywhere in the sentence, will result in Bugsy linking the bug in question.
when starting a line with this, it does something, mostly Bugsy telling you that it wasn't a valid command (if you say "@denise that was awesome", for example).


Nagios is a bot that pages Mark when the site is down. Or up.

Not to be mistaken for _nagios_, who is usually D being Very Silly at Mark's expense.


; !openbeta

For a limited time only, [info]exor674 is running a script with a countdown to Open Beta. Open Beta has started! This is no longer available.



General Dreamwidth chatter, including owners, developers, support, and cheerleaders.


For the anti-spam team. Currently fairly quiet.


For discussing documentation.


Intensive developer training; often quiet until someone asks a question.


Mark, Denise, and Nagios the Annoying Wonder Bot.


For discussing the styles system.


For medical discussion and any of those generally interesting but actually occasionally a little gross discussions that sometimes start up.


A development/support/testing-focused channel without side-chatter.


For games of Acrophobia.


Testing channel for Figment


Testing channel for the hellbot.


For playing Zilch.