Keeping your site configs from wiping during updates

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If you are working with dw-nonfree code, updates can wipe your site config files. This is a way to get around that.

First, edit $LJHOME/etc/ to your satisfaction. Then edit $LJHOME/cvs/multicvs-local.conf and add local . under dw-private/site?. Then, make your local directories

mkdir cvs/local cvs/local/etc cvs/local/cvs
cp cvs/multicvs-local.conf cvs/local/cvs/
cp etc/ cvs/local/etc

The downside to this is that you should check the multicvs-local.conf file when you update to make sure it hasn't changed:

diff $LJHOME/cvs/multicvs-local.conf /home/dw/cvs/dw-nonfree/cvs/multicvs-local.conf

You should only see the line you added:

< local .

If it has more differences, you'll have to merge the new one with the one you are using.