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See also: [info]404

  • 404s? In MY DW? --isabeau
  • I accidentally your page --denny
  • I made you a page, but I eated it --kat_fw
  • Invisible Content --isabeau
  • jesus christ it's a 404, get in the car! --kat_fw
  • We can't stop here... this is 404 country! --denny
  • yo dawg I heard you like 404s so we put a 404 in your 404 so you can 404 while you 404 --JProulx
  • 404: where is your page now? --kat_fw
  • not found page is not found --owl
  • That's no moon - it's a 404! --spyder
  • is it can be 404 tiem now plees? --kat_fw
  • fetch, or fetch not. There is no 404 --Pauamma
  • this ain't a scene, it's a g-d d-mn 404 race --rahaeli
  • you have 404 fingers on your right hand. Someone is looking for you. --jadelennox
  • there was a PAGE here. it's gone now. --rahaeli
  • The 404 is a lie --isabeau
  • Quoth the server: four oh four. --Pauamma
  • Philosoraptor ponders the existence of pages that are not found --Jproulx
  • Tonight, we dine in 404/Tonight, we 404 in hell --kat_fw
  • I'm NOT in UR server, finding UR files --zvi
  • Agnostic Kitteh finds no evidence this page exists --zvi
  • URL fail --zvi
  • It tickles when you type that file name. Makes me cough up a 404. --zvi