Newbie Guide for Windows People Working on Minor Bugs

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= Installing and Settings Things Up

You'll only have to do this once.

==⊕ Get a Dreamhack

What's a Dreamhack? To put it simply, it's a mirror of the Dreamwidth site where you can test your changes.

  1. Apply for a Dreamhack by filling this form.
  2. Get PuTTY - choose the 'A Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtel' .exe file - and install it.
  3. Run PuTTY. In the configuration window, enter "" for the host name. Go to Connection/Data and enter the username/login given to you in the welcome e-mail. It should be something like dh-xxx. You may also want to change the Window/Appearance, Window/Colours and Window/Selection settings. Once you're done, go back to Session. Select Default Settings and click on Save.
  4. Click on Open. Click Yes on the pop-up message box.
  5. Enter the password given to you in the welcome e-mail when asked. Note that no characters are displayed and the cursor won't move. It's normal.
  6. Change your password by typing:
  7. On your Dreamhack, the default user is called 'system'. You need to set its password so you can access this account. Type:
  8. Once you're done type:
  9. You can access your Dreamhack at and log in as system. You may want to upgrade your account to a paid one by going here.