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Welcome to styles and design!

Styles and Design Areas

Here are the kinds of tasks someone can do in styles and design:

  • Designing system styles
  • Designing styles to share with others
  • Assisting others with their styles
  • Creating public mood themes
  • Testing and revising draft styles in [info]dreamscapes
  • Converting submitted CSS styles in [info]dreamscapes to S2 themes
  • Developing S2's capabilities and backend work, like adding modules
  • Documentation

Places to collaborate or get help

  • The official styles community, where you can read announcements from the team and ask questions, is [info]dw_styles.
  • The official community for submitting styles for consideration to be included in the system is [info]dreamscapes. You can go there and submit drafts of intended system styles you'd like help with, and you can also help out others with their styles.
  • There are also some auxillary help communities: [info]style_system and [info]layoutmakers. These are appropriate places to ask questions about the style system and share resources.
  • You can find tools to help you develop Dreamwidth styles at [info]the_style_kit.
  • You can share unofficial styles here: [info]dreamwidthlayouts.
  • The IRC channel #dreamwidth-dev is available for real time communication and you can often find styles team members there or in #dreamwidth; for more information on using IRC, see the IRC and IRC help wiki pages.
  • Here is a list of style bugs on Bugzilla; you can read more on doing development in particular on Dev Getting Started.

Current documentation

Guides and how-tos


Currently, the S2 documentation is kind of sad and out of shape.

  • S2 Guide and S2 Cookbook -- our work-in progress guides on S2
  • LJ's old S2 docs -- these have some useful information.
  • People already familiar with S2 might be able to glean things from the core2.s2 code.
  • People familiar with S2 and Perl might be able to glean more from the code.


We currently have a little help for S2's CSS available here:

  • S2 CSS -- a listing of the current DW specific CSS classes for layouts

For exploring CSS, we also recommend the following extensions:

Other resources


Here are some useful resources for CSS:

Color scheming

Here are some useful tools for making color schemes:

Stock images

Here are some places that have stock images: