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This is a listing of browser stuff that has been known to interact badly with Dreamwidth. See also: Browser Support Policy.


Internet Explorer 6.

Browser extensions


NoScript disables scripting on sites. Some Dreamwidth functions depend on Javascript. To get these functions to work while using NoScript, either temporarily or permanently allow Javascript from

  • Go to Tools > Addons.
  • Select NoScript, and click "Options".
  • Click the "Whitelist" tab.
  • Add:
  • Click "Allow", then click "OK".


There's been one report of Post an Entry page ( being affected by the GetGlue addon for Firefox:

  • The user picture does not update in preview. (The selected image will show up in the finished post.)
  • Switching between the RTE and HTML editors does not work -- it does not appear to process the Javascript.

Disabling or removing the plugin resolves these issues.