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Patch Check List

-- Usage rights (resource credits, credits in HTML or CSS comments, dw-free or nonfree) -- No tabs -- No trailing spaces

Styles (general): -- Always set layout_authors -- Tabula Rasa child whenever possible -- Supports all column modes whenever possible and at least one one-column -- Support all options from Tabula Rasa -- Custom colors sorting into existing propgroups using _child -- Custom props follow naming standards -- Check everything, everywhere. In particular don't forget: non-default column modes, modules in every available position, community accounts, unusually short or long elements (subjects, tags, titles, entries, comments, usernames,...), userpic stuff (no userpic, non-square userpics, smaller userpics), collapsed comments, bottomcomment area, reply page, quick reply, icon page, pagination links (reading, archive, comments and icon page), contextual pop-ups, navigation strip, page text (sometimes only visible when there are no entries on the reading page).

Themes (general): -- Alphabetized themes -- Two blank lines between each theme -- Props separated by headers (Presentation, Page Colors, Entry Colors, Module Colors, Fonts and Images, in this order. ) -- Alphabetized props within each cat. -- theme_authors if theme author is NOT style author. Otherwise no. -- No empty props -- Shorthand for color hex codes -- Theme-specific CSS goes into function Page::print_theme_stylesheet()

CSS: -- No broad resets -- Comment headers -- Indents -- Shorthand

Colors: -- color_page_text in every theme -- No half foreground/background combos (e.g. text color without background color) -- Matching foreground/background combos (such as entry text color on entry background color) -- CSS link colors in this order: a, a:visited, a:hover, a:active

Fonts: -- Single quotes around font names with multiple words; no quotes otherwise. -- No font_units settings if no font size set too. -- No hardcoded font names -- No hardcoded font sizes (some exceptions allowed)

Images: -- No color profiles -- Color-indexed PNGs whenever possible. JPGs with a lower res are sometimes a good alternative. -- Common images in /commons -- Follows naming standards

--Ninetydegrees (talk) 10:14, 9 July 2013 (UTC)