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This list is (mostly) duplicated in its own entry on the Site FAQ. Note that official communities have the swirling "d" icon without the user avatar behind it (such as the official journals of Denise and Mark).

See Community List for a list of communities that don't have to do with the Dreamwidth service.

Official Communities

Communities that start with the reserved character set "dw_" are officially created communities.

General interest

Communities of general interest to everyone.

[info]dw_news The main news letter of Dreamwidth. We recommend that all users subscribe to this community.
[info]dw_maintenance Used to report about any planned maintenance or downtime.


Communities for helping coordinate volunteers.

[info]dw_volunteers This is the umbrella community where volunteers of all stripes can come together for connecting and planning.
[info]dw_support Mainline support community.
[info]dw_support_training For learning the support system.
[info]dw_docs This is the community where volunteers working on site documentation coordinate and plan their attack.
[info]dw_docs_training This is the community where volunteers working on site documentation learn stuff.
[info]dw_styles Community for styles coordination--people who need help with their styles should post to [info]style_system.
[info]dw_antispam For coordinating antispam users. (Membership is restricted to team members, but there are periodic public announcements.)
[info]dw_wiki For coordinating wiki chores.
[info]dw_meetups For planning and discussing face-to-face meetups of people involved with Dreamwidth.
[info]dreamscapes For proposing and reviewing new styles and themes.


Communities for development or keeping track of Dreamwidth code.

[info]changelog This community tracks changes that have been pushed up to the official Dreamwidth repository.
[info]dw_beta A community where bugs and updates will be posted, as well as calls for additional testing; comments with suggestions for additional notes, additional screenshots, or contrary observations welcome.
[info]dw_dev For discussion about the Dreamwidth Open Source project.
[info]dw_dev_training Training community for people taking their first steps in writing code for us.


Communities organized around Dreamwidth staff.

[info]dw_lounge This is the "staff lounge" for Dreamwidth Studios owners, employees, and department heads. Membership is closed.
[info]dw_staff This is a community for Dreamwidth Studios, L.L.C. employees to keep track of issues. Membership is closed.


[info]dw_biz Dreamwidth Business Discussion
[info]dw_coolhunters The cool hunters suggest user experience improvements to the developers. Membership is closed.
[info]dw_suggestions Dreamwidth Suggestions
[info]dw_community_promo Community promotions
[info]dw_feed_promo Feed promotions
[info]dw_nifty Nifty stuff
[info]dw_mobile For using Dreamwidth on mobile devices.
[info]dw_design For Dreamwidth's UI and general design.


These are unofficial communities that are relevant to Dreamwidth.

[info]drawthecircle a community to host your friending memes that used to clog up your personal journals
[info]dreamchasers Connect with friends from other online services on Dreamwidth.
[info]dreamfic Dreamwidth related fanfic.
[info]dreamsheep For making cute little sheepy icons.
[info]dreamwidth_haikai Dreamwidth-related haiku and other haikai
[info]dreamwidthlayouts For DW layouts.
[info]dreamwidth_meta For critical discussion and analysis about Dreamwidth as a project and a service; the post up there right now is an example.
[info]dwrocks For things that are awesome about Dreamwidth.
[info]dwstones For negative things about Dreamwidth.
[info]getting_started This comm is intended to help new Dreamwidth users find their way around during the closed beta stage. Links to helpful introductory posts, useful features of the site, and basic questions about where things are or how they work are all welcome here.
[info]halfbaked_dreams Baking for DW devs/volunteers.
[info]houses For sorting out volunteers into DW houses.
[info]metaquotes "Overheard on Dreamwidth", for the posting of amusing, insightful, witty (etc.) things said on Dreamwidth.
[info]memewidth For developing and discussing third party tools, kind of like [info]lj_nifty.
[info]on_width For nifty or new comms on Dreamwidth.
[info]style_system for people interested in talking about how to use the style system here.
[info]volunteers for volunteers to hang out and goof off in

For a long and growing list of other communities see Community List.