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WARNING: This page is unmaintained, and the clients listed here were last known working sometime before 2014. If you are having trouble with a client, the best thing you can do is get in touch with its developers to report the issue. Dreamwidth Support are unlikely to be able to help.

Useful information

There are three kinds of URLs you can select from when using/testing the clients below:

Clients specifically designed to work with LJ may request the LJ posting URL.

The lists below contain posting, account maintenance (editing friends, &c), and backup tools. These must be tested as well.


Clients in this category are not restricted to any one particular operating system.

Client Platform Current DW status Open source? Config notes Other notes
Post-by-email email works yes Set up at
Charm 1.9.1 Python command-line works yes (GPL) Custom access groups don't work.
Google Docs web service works no Use the Blogger API. Does not support anything but entry text, not even titles.
JLJ 2.12 Perl works yes Development halted in 2006.
JLJ 2.14 Perl works yes uses checkupdates(!!!) actively developed
ljdump 1.5 Python works yes The config file and at-run input explicitly ask for the server. Backup tool only.
ljmigrate Python works yes (BSD) Backup tool only. Known bug: HTML index file isn't updated on subsequent runs of the migrator.
LJXP 2.0.5 WordPress / PHP works yes (MIT) Supports crossposting categories and/or tags as tags, basic privacy levels, comment on or off, header/footer.
news readers multiple sources see notes multi Project abandoned as of April 19, 2014. More information and specifics can be found at NNTP.


Client Platform Current DW status Open source? Config notes Other notes
ljArchive Windows (Mono version available) works yes (zlib/libpng License) Backup only.
LochJournal 2.2 Windows client works no
Semagic Windows client works, mostly yes (GPL) How to set up Semagic for Crossposting. Posting works, including friends only, but doesn't retrieve custom access groups. If tags do not cross-post to DW at first, "...tags [can be] enabled for and any other site after opening an entry with tags in the history window." More info here.


Client Platforms Current DW status Open Source Notes
asLJ Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Universal Binary Works No Has Dreamwidth on their list of supported servers, but has not added Public/Access/Private in place of Public/Friends/Custom. Friends works as if it were Access anyway, so far. Allows for cross-posting, but only if you've set up additional journal accounts in the program. Integrates with iTunes, and downloads the list of icons on the server. All in all, not a bad client.
iJournal Crash reports for 10.6.x Posting works, including friends only and custom access groups. Installs quickly and recognizes DW account on first login. Current Music is automatically retrieved from iTunes. Client allows you to edit most recent entry and switches easily between different user accounts. Customizable toolbar and limited HTML preview. Yes Much better option for Mac users than MarsEdit. Cannot open separate windows for different posts and crossposting requires an additional step, but these problems may be solved in the next update.
Xjournal Mac OS X Does not work (on anything but LJ itself) Yes Primary developer has moved on. Some recent updates have been made by a couple of developers at the Xjournal LJ community but it's unclear whether anyone plans to port this over for DW.


Client Platform Current DW status Open source? Config notes Other notes
Benzaiten Linux (Gnome) works, mostly yes (GPLv2) Entry posting works great (YAY, TAGS SUPPORT), Friends features don't work.
KLuJe 0.8 Linux (KDE) works yes (GPL v2) Use the LJ flat interface URL. Doesn't support custom posting groups or tags.
Logjam 4.5.3 multiplatform, GTK+ 2 works yes (GPL v2) Currently not maintained. However, for many Linux distributions, it is the default Livejournal client.


Client Platform Current DW status Open source? Config notes Other notes
Eljay devices running Android works no choose dw from settings-> server on the other hand, the interface for editing older posts won't even load.