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This page lists volunteers currently working on Dreamwidth projects. If you are interested in seeing the main players of the Dreamwidth project, you might also want to visit the staff page. If you are not listed here, feel free to add yourself!

Adding people

Current information you might want to list when adding others or yourself to this list:

  • Coordinates/in charge of: What things does this person manage and have a responsibility for?
  • Currently working on: What is this person working on now?
  • Future projects: What is this person planning to do on DW for the future?
  • Skills: What skills does this person have that DW can use?
  • Interests: What type of things is this person interested in doing on DW
  • Best methods of contact: IRC? Email? Other methods?

The categories people are sorted into are simple right now, but might become more complex later. Currently, just add things in alphabetical order.

Copy paste template

The current title part can also not link to a DW, just take away the <dwuser> tags surrounding it.

== <dwuser>Name</dwuser> ==

* '''Coordinates/in charge of''': 
* '''Currently working on''':
* '''Future projects''': 
* '''Skills''':  
* '''Interests''':  
* '''Best methods of contact''':

Head Honchos


In charge of business decisions, for the most part. The Suit. (She finds this as funny as you do.) AKA [info]synecdochic and [info]rahaeli (irc nick)

Best methods of contact: email (denise@dreamwidth.org), AIM (synecdochic: always on, always invisible). PMs in irc aren't reliable as I often don't check my irc client regularly.


The Technical Guy. Likes playing with hardware and software to make them do fascinating things.

Typically available on AIM as xb95, or on IRC as zorkian. Answers to "Mark" in meatspace. Can also be emailed at <mark@dreamwidth.org>. AKA [info]zorkian. Not working on DW day-to-day anymore, but still available for urgent problems/questions.

Project Leaders


  • Coordinates/in charge of: Anti-Spam Team
  • Currently working on: Anti-Spam Team
  • Future projects: maybe some doc-ery
  • Skills: analysis, community moderation, documentation
  • Interests: user need analysis, hacking a far-out suggestion into something that could actually work, documentation, helping people chill the hell out, weird meta-observations
  • Best methods of contact: flag down on LJ or @gmail, hail in IRC and PM (may not see hail). Usually in IRC as some variant of Azz, occasionally RevMissLunatic.
  • Previously LJ Suggestions, importing from lj suggestions


  • Coordinates/in charge of: Abuse Team (aka TOS Enforcement)
  • Currently working on: learning my way around the support queue and squashing as many Zilla bugs as I can
  • Skills: messing around with Perl; translating geek speak to words mere humans can understand; general problem solving
  • Best methods of contact: IRC if available, otherwise send me a DW message
  • My Bugzilla Queue

Retired project leaders

These are people who contributed heavily to the DW project at one point, but have since moved on! We are very grateful for all the things they contributed.


  • Was responsible for: Styles with [info]afuna
  • Skills: Control freak, CSS, S2,
  • Interests: Site accessibility and workflow
  • Best methods of contact: IRC by PM


  • Coordinated/was in charge of: Regression testing, 1/3rd Support Triumvirate
  • Currently working on: Testing in closed-beta!
  • Skills: anal-retentiveness; Support Bug Squasher
  • Best methods of contact: domtheknight at gmail is best (if online, domtheknight for AIM and in IRC as well)


Random backend chick! Want anything randomly obscure and backendy done, I will probably do it for ya!

  • Coordinated/was in charge of: Template Toolkit Backend / Conversion from BML to Template Toolkit
  • Currently working on: Conversion from BML to Template Toolkit, Backend Modernization, Performance Improvements, DW::Requestification when needed.
  • Skills: Obscure parts of DW's codebase / Perl, learning MySQL optimization.
  • Best methods of contact: PM on IRC (will be as exor674, even if I'm away PM me and I'll deal with it when I'm around), [anall at andreanall.com]
  • My Bugzilla bugs



  • Coordinated/was in charge of: Dreamwidth Employee #1. Handles patch review, committing, and lots of development. AKA [info]afuna
  • Currently working on: Anything and everything
  • Skills: perl, CSS, S2,
  • Best methods of contact: IRC by PM


  • Coordinated/was in charge of: Anti-Spam Team
  • Currently working on: Arming legions with spamhammers and documentation
  • Future projects: General support, more bug chasing/fixing
  • Skills: Herding cats, translating geek to English to geek, generalized project and community management type stuff, parenting
  • Interests: Building custom computers, SCA (I'm a dancer and musician), a little bit of fandom (mostly Firefly)
  • Best methods of contact: skrshawk on IRC, ravenshrinkery on AIM or Yahoo


  • Coordinated/was in charge of: Statistics collection with Afuna, tracking LiveJournal code changes for ones worth merging
  • Currently working on: Statistics collection
  • Future projects: Redoing the translation system from scratch user settings, site settings, related backend. Stripping and banging at random pieces of code
  • Past projects: Invite code distribution, FAQ bugs, site copy proofreading tools
  • Skills: Stubborn, too dumb to know when to quit, reading code
  • Interests: Code, puns, doc
  • Best methods of contact: IRC /msg, [pauamma at dreamwidth dot org], commenting on assigned Bugzilla tickets with issues related to the bug
  • Assigned Bugzilla Tickets


  • Was responsible for: documentation: namely userdoc and site copy
  • Skills: Herding of cats, translating from geek to user, documentation, writing specifications.
  • Interests: Userdoc, syndication.
  • Best methods of contact: IRC (with the caveat that I often wander AFK without setting myself away, so may not always respond) or email to rho@rho.me.uk


Amount of time I have varies considerably week-to-week depending on my health.

  • Coordinated/was in charge of: Accessibility team
  • Future projects: Documentation
  • Skills: Accessibility testing, tech writing, doc writing, beta testing.
  • Best methods of contact: ricky@notdoneliving.net or rb on #dw if I'm awake.


Called Kat. Does user-facing Support-y stuff.

  • Coordinated/was in charge of: 1/3rd Support Triumvirate
  • Currently working on: Support! Working on documenting Support/Volunteer procedure and culture
  • Future projects: Speccing out the Support rewrite *_*
  • Skills: Fluent in user-ese, has too many opinions to be entirely healthy
  • Interests: Annoying Domitan and Chemla!
  • Best methods of contact: PM on IRC (on as MissKat or some variation thereof, but never kat_fw), IM on AIM/gchat as zarhooie/zarhooie@gmail, email at zarhooie@gmail, PM on site (in that order).