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  • -- Let poll creators make questions that allow a creator-defined number of options to be selected, instead of the current limit-to-one-or-don't-limit-at-all options. This would ideally include the ability to require a maximum number of answers, a minimum number of answers, or a fixed number of answers (e.g., no more than three, at least three, exactly three). [In DW Suggestions]
  • -- Add a link to a page of the LJ-specific/LJ-accepted HTML to the static header and footer. Useful counter-suggestions in comments include making a unified FAQ with this information that is linked solely on the Post an Entry page, with a mouseover tag indicating why it's of import.
It would be really nice if this could be a user-set preference, so that users could have either at-posting or at-loading without one or the other having to click an extra button every time. branchandroot
Maybe a checkbox, which remembers the last set value? Afuna 01:33, 13 February 2009 (UTC)
Perhaps the way to do it that would be cleanest from a user perspective would be to set it up to automatically be assigned a timestamp of the time at which it was actually posted, according to the user's chosen time zone, rather than LJ's behavior of reading from the computer clock. I don't think people will want to lose the option to specify a different date/time, so for them we could have a "change timestamp" button on the Post Entry and Edit Entry forms. The form could just not have date and time fields until someone clicks that button - similar to the way "date out of order" currently works. Maura 20:48, 21 February 2009 (UTC)
  • -- Posts that already have a cut tag should not be completely hidden if they are marked as having adult concepts or content; instead, they should be rendered as normal, with the warning page appearing between the cut and the full post. Some concern about potential abuse, but definite agreement that the adult warning pages are inelegant.
The concerns about abuse don't seem applicable to DW -- without the "flag" option, the entire notion of a "malicious author" is an oxymoron. Alixtii 14:26, 7 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Add a word counter that tracks how many word have been written in a post -- and possibly also a character counter for tags and subject line. It would be useful to see if you'll hit a particular word/character limit.
  • Post Revisions similar to Wordpress - Backup the last x revisions, whether auto-saved or otherwise, of a post and have the ability to compare and revert to an earlier version. I would add that I would like to see the first version of a post to be saved as a backup option for comparing and reverting.
Hasn't this already been done? branchandroot
Yes, posts now display different icons for Custom than for FO, and list the custom groups. Maura
  • Don't require a "date out of order" post to be kept off Friends page. There should still be an option for keeping a post off Friends pages, but why should it be required when backdating?
  • When Dreamwidth gets photohosting, make how photos post to your journal (centered, text cleared or not, etc.) an end user option.
  • In the tags field (or next to it), as well as auto-complete, have a drop-down or handy reference guide of tags you already have -- sometimes my mind goes totally blank and I can't think of enough for the autocomplete to work. Zilla 581
  • -- "Track comments" link after posting entry; along with viewing the entry, editing it, adding it to memories, and adding tags to it, tracking it would be a nice link to have, especially since not everyone seems to understand what the thumbtack icon is for.